Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics

August 10, 2021
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Book Title: Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics
Language: English
Offer Price: INR 10
Author: B.S. Agarwal
Pages: 255
Publisher: Kedarnath Ramnath, Meerut
Condition: Used
Seller type: Individual
Binding Type: Softbound
Posting Date: 10 August 2021

This is a Physics book for BSc. Students

The contents are:

  • Photoelectric Effect and Compton Effect
  • Wave-Particle Duality (Matter Waves: Uncertainty Principle)
  • Schrodinger Wave Mechanics
  • Series Relationship in Atomic Spectra
  • Alpha Scattering and Atomic Model
  • Bohr Theory of Hydrogen Spectrum
  • Wave Mechanics of Hydrogen Atom
  • Electron Magnetic Moment, Electron Spin and Vector Model of Atom
  • Raman Effect
  • Pauli's Principle, Electron Configuration and Periodic Table of Elements
  • X-Ray Spectrum
  • Temporal and Spatial Coherences
  • Spontaneous and Stimulated Emissions: Laser
Contact Information
Whatsapp Number: 7088133333
Address: Green City, , Meerut, Uttar Pradesh,

Whatsapp only ------- Do not call. -------- Please check the contents of the book before proceeding for purchase. ----------The book is available in "AS IS" condition. ---------- The offer price is kept at minimum so that the book is easily accessible to the STUDENT.

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