CBSE Computer Science With C++

September 11, 2021
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Book Title: CBSE Computer Science with C++
Language: English
Offer Price: INR 100
Author: Reeta Sahoo
Pages: 667
Publisher: Saraswati House Pvt Ltd
Condition: Used
Seller type: Individual
Binding Type: Softbound
Posting Date: 11.09.2021

Book Contents:-

Unit 1: Programming in C++

  • Chapter-1: Overview of C++
  • Chapter-2: Fundamental Concepts of OOPs
  • Chapter-3: C++ Operators and Expressions
  • Chapter-4: Control Statements
  • Chapter-5: Device and Character I/O
  • Chapter-6: Arrays
  • Chapter-7: Functions
  • Chapter-8: Standard Library Functions and Header Files
  • Chapter-9: Structures
  • Chapter-10: Classes and Objects
  • Chapter-11: Constructors and Destructors
  • Chapter-12: Function Overloading
  • Chapter-13: Inheritance: Extending Classes
  • Chapter-14: Pointers

Unit 2: Data Structures

  • Chapter-15: Basics of Data Structure
  • Chapter-16: Linked Lists
  • Chapter-17: Stacks
  • Chapter-18: Queues

Unit 3: Files and Databases

  • Chapter-19: File Organization
  • Chapter-20: File Handling in C++
  • Chapter-21: Database Concepts
  • Chapter-22: Structure Query Language

Unit 4: Boolean Algebra

  • Chapter-23: Boolean Algebra

Unit 5: Computer Networks

  • Chapter-24: Local Area Network
  • Chapter-25: Internet and Related Terminology

Sample Projects

Contact Information
Whatsapp Number: 70881 33333
Address: Roorkee Road, Near PAC, Meerut, , Meerut, Uttar Pradesh,

Whatsapp only ------- Do not call. -------- Please check the contents of the book before proceeding for purchase. ----------The book is available in "AS IS" condition. ---------- The offer price is kept at minimum so that the book is easily accessible.

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